Reports, Research and Background Info

▪ 2016 Speaking Truth To Power- Movement Building for Social Justice Conference

Click here to view the 2016 Speaking Truth To Power- Movement Building for Social Justice Conference presentation by Dr. Frederick D. Haynes,III Senior Pastor of Friendship-West Baptist Church in Dallas, TX.

▪ Research: Implicit bias may help explain high preschool expulsion rates for black children

Preschool teachers and staff show signs of implicit bias in administering discipline, but the race of the teacher plays a big role in the outcome, according to research conducted by the Yale Child Study Center. Read full research study here.

 State of Texas Children Report – Race & Equity In Dallas

This Dallas report is part of a larger series of reports in the Texas Kids Count project that focuses on equity in child well-being across Texas and in several of its major metro areas. See more of the Dallas report here. Read full report here.

▪ Dallas Faces Race FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Dallas Faces Race and its mission with suggestions on how to get involved in Dallas Faces Race. Update May 10, 2014.

▪ DFR Spring 2014 Partner Survey

Dallas Faces Race Partners were surveyed in March 2014 for feedback on their racial justice work, needs and priorities. The data in this Power Point was used to inform DFR’s ongoing strategies for: Partner capacity building, promoting Partner collaboration and Partner participation in 2014 Facing Race Conference.

▪ DFR Partner Activity – Year 1

This Power Point was presented by Dallas Faces Race at our May 2014 Partner Convening at the Hispanic Cultural Center. It includes 10 examples of racial justice programs presented by Partners during DFR’s first year.

▪ DFR Partner Case Studies

COMING SOON! In response to requests from our Partners, Dallas Faces Race will ask Partners to share examples of their racial justice work with others who are ready to define equity and make change. You will learn about their racial justice assets, challenges and results.

▪ DFR Quick Reference Infographic

In 2014, several initiatives with similar names were promoting racial justice in Dallas. This slide describes three initiatives. It was a valiant attempt to reduce brand confusion.

▪ Results of Groundbreaking New Poll on Race in Dallas

In October 2014, the Embrey Family Foundation commissioned the national research experts at Lake Research to conduct a poll of 600 Dallas residents. Lauren Embrey, president of the Dallas-based foundation, whose mission is to cultivate human rights awareness and advance social justice initiatives, said the poll has convinced her organization that the time is right for a race-related advocacy effort in Dallas. This Power Point presents the poll data. A video presentation of the results by Joshua Ulibarri from Lake Research is available here.

▪ 2014 Facing Race Conference Held in Dallas

The bi-annual Facing Race was held in Dallas in November 2014. This You Tube video from conference presenter Race Forward, describes the 2014 conference which resulted in record-breaking attendance at its first ever convening in the South.

▪ Redlining in Dallas – Kirwan Institute Report

On July 8, 2015, DFR partners and community members convened with the Kirwan Institute For The Study of Race and Ethnicity, along with Children’s Health & Paul Quinn College to discuss and review research on the impact of redlining in Dallas communities.

▪ 40 years of DISD desegregation – Lakewood

Forty years ago, the Dallas Independent School District forcibly desegregated its schools. Many involved in the painful, frustrating and necessary process, which lasted more than three decades, are still around to share their stories. View full article here

▪ Field Reports on Desegregation in the South – Dallas, TX

Until September 1961, Dallas, TX was the largest city in the South with a completely segregated school system. Quite apart from this statistic, the decision to desegregate the city’s schools was of great interest, both locally and nationally. View full article here

▪ School Desegregation in Dallas – Marion Butts (PPT)

This powerpoint covers the school desegregation of Dallas, TX. View powerpoint here

▪ Will Dallas ISD Ever Rename Its Confederate Schools?

Published in the Dallas Observer in 2014, this article discusses several Dallas ISD elementary schools named after Confederate generals and the changing of their names. View full article here

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