Race and Police Reform Resources

Continuing the Conversation About Racism & Police Reform in Dallas, and Beyond.

Recommendations & Resources

– As you participate in courageous conversations, remember that we cannot talk about the hateful events that have happened without talking about race. We also cannot talk about racism, police brutality or gun violence without talking about the power structures and policies that uphold injustice, and racial disparities. Here is a helpful resource to have a productive conversation on race in America. Resource Link.

– It helps to have a local context and understanding of the racial history of Dallas. View our reading recommendations here. A great book to start with is “White Metropolis – Race, Ethnicity and Religion in Dallas” by Michael Phillips.

– We must develop a common language and shared understanding of racism. Familiarize yourself with these terms by studying the Racial Equity Glossary here.

– As we support our local police officers and community members in this time of grief, it is also important that we continue to focus on seeking solutions and accountability for justice and prevention of the unjustified use of deadly force and racial bias. The American Civil Liberties Union has an online resource to learn about strategies and action steps to fight against police violence. Campaign Zero is another resource to better under the problems and suggested solutions for progress. Resource 1 Link. Resource 2 Link.

– Support organizations who are diligently working to prevent police brutality and racial violence. Subscribe to the following local organizations for opportunities to support and collaborate in these efforts. Examples: Mother’s Against Police Brutality,The Next Generation Action Network and Faith in Texas are a few organizations working in this capacity. View other local DFR Partners here.

– View our event calendar here for upcoming community conversations.

– Follow and subscribe to the following national organizations who offer a range of support and resources.  Race ForwardThe Opportunity Agenda, and The Advancement Project. Read and share their news release of “Best Practices For Journalists Reporting Police Killings of Black and Brown People” here.

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